Consulting and Communication

Writing for the Minister & Executive


This workshop demystifies clear writing - and helps people in all sorts of roles create useful documents in less time, and with less stress. Breaking through the myriad of arcane grammar rules, we create confidence by focusing on planning writing like other projects: identifying a document's purpose and building a logical structure.

Masterclass content

Underpinned by the mantra of Express, Don't Impress, the workshop progresses from tips for getting started to crafting key messages, planning and building an argument, Five Easy Steps to Plain English and the ultimate Fail Safe for avoiding grammar mistakes.

Learning approach

Learning will occur through presentations, discussion, exercises, and peer learning.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • craft a clear message to suit the audience
  • identify and communicate key messages
  • create a logical and persuasive structure
  • apply agency, Parliamentary and Cabinet templates
  • reduce errors.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • vastly reduced re-writes and document preparation time
  • more professional and persuasive written communications.

Benefits for participants:

  • improved professional confidence - we are judged by our writing
  • improved productivity and influence.

Masterclass leader: Sally Gaven, BA (Hons)

Formerly a journalist, Sally has written for the public sector for over 20 years as a policy officer, Ministerial advisor, communications specialist and strategic policy consultant. She is also a corporate writer and copywriter for global enterprise, and works closely with several non-government organisations on communications and governance. Sally is a warm and engaging presenter who rejects the notion of instruction and focuses on drawing out participants' natural strengths. "The most important ingredient, for me, is to focus on the professionals I'm talking to. When I learn as much from my audience as they do, I know it's been a memorable and useful conversation."