Consulting and Communication

Policy Craft: Developing & Drafting Clear Policies


This workshop builds capacity around the processes and skills involved in the policy cycle, to guide and improve the development, authorisation and dissemination of policies and procedures across an agency - and to external stakeholders and the community. The policy process is unpacked and rebuilt as Thinking, Doing, Testing - to result in a more efficient policy process, as well as a more effective policy.

Masterclass content

Defining the steps to the policy process, breaking each step down to its basic parts and understanding when and why a policy is required. Focusing on results: how to approach policy from the end-result rather than a convoluted description of the way things are done. Planning for successful implementation, including dissemination and promotion. Common-sense evaluation.

Learning approach

Learning will occur through presentations, discussion, exercises, and peer learning.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • understand the aims of policy
  • manipulate and customise each step in the policy process
  • create a logical and persuasive structure
  • generate meaningful outcome statements
  • apply agency, Parliamentary and Cabinet templates.

Benefits for the organisation:

Applying a Results Based Accountability focus means that policy statements are effective, options are revealed and procedures are clarified.

Benefits for participants:

  • demystifying a critical process
  • improved productivity and influence.

Masterclass leader: Sally Gaven, BA (Hons)

Sally Gaven has over 20 years experience in the development of public policy, in both line and central agencies, as a Ministerial advisor, communications specialist and strategic policy and evaluation consultant. She also works closely with several non-government organisations on communications and governance. Sally is a warm and engaging presenter who rejects the notion of instruction and focuses on drawing out participants' natural strengths. "The most important ingredient, for me, is to focus on the professionals I'm talking to. When I learn as much from my audience as they do, I know it's been a memorable and useful conversation."