Consulting and Communication

Inspiring Presentations


This workshop has been designed for anyone interested in improving their speaking skills. The goal is to demystify the secrets of powerful, memorable presentations - and evolve presentations: from sharing information to influencing change.

Masterclass content

The workshop covers how to understand and work with your audience; how to develop convincing credible content; how to maximise your influence as a powerful presenter; and how to most effectively use audio-visual materials.

The organisation and participating staff will be offered a template for ease and consistency in the development of future presentations.

Learning approach

Learning will occur through presentations, discussion, exercises, and peer learning.

Masterclass outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand what their audience expects of them and what they want their audience to do, think or feel as a result of their presentation
  • create a storyline that will compel an audience along a journey
  • develop a convincing argument with clear goals and an undeniable punch line
  • project credibility
  • appreciate the power of passion - and the power of empathy
  • recognise the value of bringing your personality and unique attributes to the podium
  • understand how to appropriately incorporate warmth and humour
  • recognise the influence of non-verbal cues and audience interaction
  • incorporate visual elements that enhance argument and story.

Benefits for the organisation:
• more confident workforce
• staff with higher level of influence
• better representation of the organisation
• clear guidelines and template for developing powerful presentation.

Benefits for participants:
• increased confidence, decreased nerves
• increased influence
• less time spent on developing and worrying about presentations.

Masterclass leader: Zina O'Leary, BA, MSc, PhD

A sociologist by training, Dr Zina O'Leary has taught communication courses in the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Fiji and Malaysia. Zina is currently teaching for both the University of Sydney's Graduate School of Government and the Australian New Zealand School of Government. She has a keen interest in inspirational and effective communication and in the process of writing her latest Sage title, Presentations that Motivate: Inspiring an Audience to Action.