Consulting and Communication


"The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation."  Robert Iger


This workshop has been designed to enhance the level of creativity and innovative within an organisation. The goal is to fire up the creative right side of the brain and give employees the ability to innovate in times of high service demand and constrained budget.

Masterclass content

The workshop covers an understanding of innovative thinking and how it can be integrated into an organisation; strategies and tools for enlisting innovative thinking; how to tap into a broader network of support; and how to have your ideas heard and valued within the organisation;

Learning approach

Learning will occur through presentations, discussion, exercises, and peer learning.

Masterclass outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand the value and challenges of integrating new innovation into an organisation
  • use a variety of tools and strategies to elicit innovative outside-the-box thinking;
  • utilise external resources to enhance the development and implementation of innovation
  • tap into the creative right brain and be less limited by external noise
  • better navigate the bureaucratic realities of the organisation when attempting to embed innovation.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • more innovative workforce 
  • higher levels of employee motivation
  • higher dedication to a common vision
  • innovative ideas emerging from every level of the organisation.

Benefits for participants:

  • increased ability to think outside-the-box 
  • higher appreciation of your capabilities
  • higher job satisfaction.

Masterclass leader: James Richardson, BE, BA (Hons)

James Richardson has a wealth of professional experience in education, technology, and design in both the public and private sectors. He has developed and delivered a variety of workshops; has worked in product development roles for large multinationals such as Oracle, Accenture, and EDS; and has written a children's film script "The Dragon Race"; a self-help book, Talking with Spirit; and a children's educational game, Typequick's "Kewala's Keyboard Adventure". James is an energetic facilitator, determined to embed learning at the deepest levels. His core passion is to bring knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment to others.