Consulting and Communication

Effectiveness Training

Sally Gaven Consulting delivers training that helps high calibre professionals hone their effectiveness.

Writing for the Minister & Executive
Policy Craft: Developing and Writing Clear Policies
Inspiring Presentations

To book: Please email or call 0410 610 834 for a written proposal for any of our Effectiveness Training days, fully customised for your organisation.

Our Effectiveness Training days are collaborative and practical masterclasses:

  • delivered by subject experts rather than career trainers
  • providing fresh and engaging insights targeted for your agency
  • conducted on your premises to reduce costs
  • aimed to inspire, invigorate and prime professionals to keep getting better.

Business results we generate:

Like your employees, we are professionals working for the public good - and our first love is exchanging ideas with people to create long-lasting shifts. Unlike most workshops, our seminars are fun and memorable. And they generate real change.


  • creating the aspiration to work well and re-igniting confidence and professionalism
  • handing over usable, practical tools and templates
  • reducing everyday errors
  • imparting a culture of Plain English - defeating the weasel words
  • emphasising a focus on the end result, whatever the task

our training will:

  • foster professionalism and improve workplace culture
  • improve an agency's communication - with clear and accurate documents and influential presentations
  • increase confidence and productivity.

We offer:

  • expertise in communicating with clarity and plain English writing skills
  • highly developed education skills and experience
  • intimate knowledge of the public sector, its issues and priorities
  • public policy, evaluation and stakeholder communication expertise
  • expertise in sustainable learning through engaging, fun, interactive teaching
  • rigorous professionalism, delivering on time, on budget, ahead of expectations.

To book: Please email or call 0410 610 834 for a written proposal for any of our Effectiveness Training workshops, fully customised for your organisation.